Graphic Shades

Graphic Shades

Not all colours in a fabric category are appropriate for printing, even when the fabric is graphic shades compatible. Please see fabric catalogue for recommendations.



Some fabrics that can be railroaded will have a pattern that will significantly change when the fabric is turned.

Cold or Crush Cut / Ultrasonic


Some fabrics require crush cut or ultrasonic cutting to prevent the edges from fraying. These are identified using a “C” for both crush cut and cold knife or a “U” for ultrasonic.

Dye Lots

Colours of dye lots may vary within commercial tolerances. Colours of fabrics may vary from samples. We cannot guarantee exact dye lots will be as sampled.


Matching dye lots may cause delay in delivery. We cannot guarantee dye lots on subsequent or different orders.

Fabric Care and Cleaning

Sun Screen Interior Sun Control Fabrics:

Use a mild detergent, then brush and rinse.

For ELT, EPT, and EVT Fabrics:

  • Dust or surface dirt: Clean with a clothing brush.
  • Mild stains: wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Tough stains: a mild, soapy water can be used and the fabric then left to dry. Do not use spot cleaners or solvents.

Creases can be steamed out or laid flat on a cloth and gently ironed at the lowest setting.