DX 203 Fabric: 3%

118″ Roll width, 32.81 yards per roll.

3% openness.

Price per linear yard.

Please note that an extra fee of $15 per cut will apply when not ordering a full roll of fabric.

This page is for ordering by linear yard, please input your quantity in linear yards to order.

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Special Features:

(CAN/ULC-S109 Test Report)
Eco-friendly/green Eco Friendly
Antimicrobial (2007 certificate, 2017 certificate) Antimicrobial
Roller-shade compatible Roller Shade
Panel track compatible Panel Track
Roman shade compatible Roman Shade
Graphic shades compatible Graphic shades compatible
Rail road option Rail road option
Cold or crush cut Cold or crush cut

Additional information


Beige, Black, Brown, Dark Grey, Taupe, White


25% Polyester, 75% PVC


Technical Specifications

Width Weight Thickness Fire Retardancy
12.0 oz/yd²
407 g/m²
± 5%
0.024 in
0.61 mm
± 5%
CAN/ULC-S 109-3
NFPA 701
B1, M1, B2
composition: 25% polyester, 75% PVC
openness factor: 3%
bacteria resistance: ASTM G21, ASTM G22
fabric count: 46 ends x 52 picks per inch²
colourfastness: grade 8

Solar Values

Colour According to EN 410
Visible Light SHGC
T% R% A%
1 white 20 64 16 0.36
2 beige 16 59 25 0.38
34 taupe 14 54 32 0.41
5 dark grey 9 46 45 0.45
6 brown 4 42 54 0.46
90 black 3 40 57 0.47

Thermal Efficiency & Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

Thermal Efficiency DiagramWhen sunlight hits a window some of the solar energy is transmitted through (Solar Transmittance T%), some is reflected back (Solar Reflectance R%) and some is absorbed by the glass and sun screen (Solar Absorption A%). Some of the absorbed heat will flow into the building. SHGC represents the amount of solar energy that penetrates the glass and fabric. Values closer to 0 indicate more effective blockage of solar heat entering the building.

Visual Transmittance (T%)

The percentage of total visible solar energy passing through a sun control fabric. The higher the number, the more visible light will penetrate into the interior, the greater the glare.


Darker colours have a lower T% value, and a higher A% value, providing better outward visibility.