Somfy R28 RTS Roll Up WireFree Motor

Vendor part number: 1002481

  • Great for interior applications.
  • Ideal for areas where wiring may be a challenge.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • Flexible power and control options.
  • Superior quality, backed by 5 year warranty.

What’s new?

  • New minimum width of 19″
  • Updated programming instructions
  • New innovative programming button: Easier to use, LED light informs you when commands have been received.
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Motor Specifications


Radio Frequency RTS 433,42 MHz


Consumption in standby mode 0.07 W
Consumption during operation 170 W
Minimum voltage 9 V
Maximum Voltage 14 V


Capacity of the limit switch unit 110 turns
Nominal Speed 28 rpm
Nominal Torque 1.1 Nm
Repeatabilty ± 5 °


Diameter 28 mm
Weight 0.26 lb
Overall Length 327 mm


Noise level (according to Somfy measures) 62 dBA
Working temperature -20 / +80 °F