Sunis Indoor Wirefree RTS Sun Sensor

Vendor part number: 9013707

This battery powered RTS indoor wireless sun sensor, part of the Radio Technology Somfy accessory range, uses the intensity of the sun to provide automatic control of window coverings in the home.

With the Sunis Indoor WireFree RTS sun sensor, users experience:

  • Thermal Comfort: optimizes room temperature levels
  • Protection of Interior D?cor: preserves the life of valuable furnishings by reducing damage caused by UV rays
  • Energy Savings: protects against heat gain and heat loss
  • Increased Security: creates a “lived-in look”

Sunis Indoor WireFree RTS sensors can be installed and programmed in a few seconds. They can easily be added to any new or existing RTS installation. The sensors are compatible with all interior RTS motorized window coverings.

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